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How Darnitsa Healed Sophia
About the project

St. Sophia Cathedral is one of the main cultural monuments of Ukraine. It’s a must visit for tourists and a favorite place to take a walk for locals.

For centuries, Sophia's "health" has been supported by patrons, including Yaroslav the Wise, Ivan Mazepa, and UNESCO.

In 2020, Darnitsa teamed up with the Zagoriy Foundation to help the National Sanctuary "Sophia of Kyiv". The company donated the sanctuary the Biodry device to fight rising damp and preserve 1,000-year old frescoes. This technology already protects cultural and artistic heritage around the world: the Enzo Ferrari Museum, the castle in Malbork, the Parliament building in Italy, and the Historical Museum in Oradea. The same system will now help save the frescoes of the Sophia of Kyiv from excessive moisture.

By taking care of Sophia, Darnitsa preserves the monument for this and future generations.

How patrons helped Sophia

The foundation of Sophia of Kyiv is laid

Prince Volodymyr the Great

Сompletion of construction and consecration of the throne

Prince Yaroslav the Wise

Restoration of the cathedral

Metropolitan Petro Mohyla
1690 1707

Restoration and reconstruction, construction of new buildings around the cathedral

Hetman Ivan Mazepa

Equipment of St. Sophia of Kyiv with the Biodry system against the capillary rising damp, which will preserve the original mosaics, frescoes and graffiti of the cathedral for future generations

Pharmaceutical company Darnitsa
XI с.

Unknown saint

Part of the fresco "The hippodrome".

Paul the Apostle

Pictured in the side altar of Saints Peter and Paul

John the Baptist

Pictured in the side altar of Saints Peter and Paul

The Emperor's Lodge

Part of the fresco "The hippodrome".

Fresco “The Hippodrome”

The plot is based on the meeting of Princess Olga with Emperor Constantine the Crimson at the Constantinople Hippodrome.

Jacob Fighting the Angel

Pictured on the arch in front of the apse of the northern slope.